'CrEEd for Future Schools'
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school improvement processes
Emancipatory Learning Opportunities
Education for Sustainable Development
Inquiry learning



Reitinger, J., Pürstinger, A., & Oyrer, S. (2021). ’CrEEd for Future Schools’: An actualization of the school improvement concept CrEEd for Schools in consideration of epochal key problems. #schuleverantworten, 1(3), 36–51. https://doi.org/10.53349/sv.2021.i3.a114


This paper describes the inquiry-oriented improvement concept of CrEEd for Schools regarding pivotal characteristics, prototypical experiences, and findings concerning its impact on pupils’ learning experience and teachers’ instructional performance. A reflection of these experiences and findings collected during an implementation process conducted in an Austrian secondary school (2018–2019), motivates us to further rethink and to extend the conceptual architecture of CrEEd for Schools. We adjusted decisive conceptual components and integrated a concrete content layer into this inquiry-oriented approach – namely the sustainable development goals (SDGs). In doing so, we assume that the revised concept CrEEd for Future Schools will overcome the initial obstacles.

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